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Flaming Wheels Burrito Explained: Behind the Burrito

Updated: Aug 26

Flaming Wheels Burrito is a tasty combination of multiple ingredients that make the ultimate burrito experience.

From our perspective, Burrito is a mixed with everything that not only it is flavourful but also a healthy option to everyone.

There are just so many different variations that you can find in every shops that sells burrito. It could be mixed with rice, or different sauces that you can't actually know the real Mexican Burrito. As for Flaming Burrito, we decided to make it an All-Time-Favourite for people that can actually be their comfort food.

Our all-time-favourite burrito is filled with love. Just kidding!

We wanted our Burrito to fit the Malaysian's tastebud so we wanted to make it simple.

Juicy Fried Chicken, Fresh Lettuce, Cheesy Mozarella, Hot fluffy tortilla wrap with our special sauce which is a go-to for everyone.

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